Sergio Larrain

Photo by Sergio Larrain

Photo by Sergio Larrain

'I try to do only work that I really care for. It is the only way for keeping me alive photographically, and I take as much time as I need. I keep myself in a slow peace, with much time for myself and doing other things, and see how photography develops…if it continues to develop… I do what I want the way I want, I feel that the rushing of journalism – being ready to jump on any story, all the time – destroy my love and concentration for work...'

'Good photography, or any other manifestation in man, comes from a state of grace. Grace comes when you are delivered from conventions, obligations, convenience, competition, and you are free, like a child in his first discovery of reality. You walk around in surprise, seeing reality as if it is for the first time….'

That is why people that do creative work have to isolate themselves, they are all hermits, one way or another….'

'The art is to live in happiness, with love, with truth, with purity, not swallowed by mechanization…'

- Sergio Larrain

(From various letters, text sourced from Little Brown Mushroom Blog